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How will my website rank on Google?

Some clients feel Wix websites don't stand their ground with Search Engine Optimization (SEO). But look at all the beautiful Mooney Marketing Wix websites we have designed over the years with amazing high-ranking Google SEO. They even look beautiful viewed from a mobile device. At Mooney Marketing, we build the best professional websites out there. We design, build and create your website to fit your customer's needs. All our websites include free domain and hosting for a small yearly fee. We work closely on SEO which allows your customers to find you and the amazing services you offer.

Google tends to favor sites that are well-written and frequently updated content. Regularly publishing blog posts, such as this one, and ones that your target audience will enjoy or find informative, is a very effective way of doing so.

It also helps to get links (backlinks) to your site from relevant or reputable sites. This improves your online reputation and credibility, increasing your chances of ranking higher in search results.

Quality content is essential to ranking higher in Google. If you are not ranking on Google for your keywords, you may want to reconsider your list of target keywords. When choosing keywords, ask yourself, “What would one of my customers type into Google when looking for a business like mine?”

Next, take a look at your site and check that you have used your keywords as much as possible, while always making sure that your content sounds natural. Use your keywords in your domain, in your headlines, within the text on each page, as alt text in images etc.

If you're wondering why you can see some of your site's pages in Google, while you may not see other pages (e.g. your homepage), this is because search engines crawl each individual page. Each page, therefore, is treated as separate and individual and each page is crawled for its keywords.

Just because Google has crawled and indexed your site, doesn’t mean you will show up high in search results. If your market is very competitive, your website may show up on Google somewhere in the long list of results for your keywords, but it may be on the 10th, 50th or 100th page of results.

SEO is a long term strategy and changes rarely happen within days or even weeks. Your site won’t show up in Google results for your keywords overnight and the more competitive your market, the tougher it will be to rank high. Once you’ve chosen great keywords to target, you want to put fresh content on your website as often as possible. Consider adding new pages, images or blog articles that incorporate your keywords.

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