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Hi! I'm Dan Mooney, the founder/owner of Mooney Marketing now based in Bend, Oregon. We recently moved our home office from Redmond, Oregon to Bend. We service all of Central Oregon and beyond. 

When looking for a marketing specialist to help bring your vision to life, it is important to work with someone who knows how to accurately represent your business while also targeting your market audience. That’s where Mooney Marketing comes into play!

While I may not have always been a marketing/business expert, my life has been full of trials, tribulations, hard work, and ultimately success stories every step of the way. From a BMX-loving kiddo to a business owner, I have seen and done it all! 

So let's start there with a young BMX-riding version of me. I started racing BMX at the age of 8 in Chandler, Arizona. Growing up engulfed in the world of BMX, I knew at the ripe age of 12 that I wanted to work as an editor for a BMX magazine. I was so confident that I had my life figured out that I even told the editor at the time, Gork Barrette, that I would take his job when I was old enough. 

At the age of 18, I was one step closer to fulfilling my promise of taking his job when I got hired as an editors assistant/darkroom dude and worked closely under Gork, Shannon Gillette, and Cheryl Bustamante while I learned the ins and outs of photography, darkroom work, magazine layout, art, graphic design, and which ultimately lead me later in life how to run a successful business. 

Fast forward a few years, and in 2004, Gork left the company (working for Seattle Bike Supply), leaving me to take over as the editor of BMXer Magazine and fulfill the dream 12-year-old me had. Without the guidance of ABA/USA BMX Owner BA Anderson over the years, I would have never kickstarted my business knowledge and would be nowhere close to the person I am today. I also owe a lot to Greg Leasure for all his life experiences over the years. I feel like we meet people in our lives for a reason and Greg is one of those friends. 

During my time at BMXer Magazine, I was able to travel the US and Canada and attend many BMX Races, Expo Centers, and Fairgrounds when eventually, I found myself drawn to the outdoorsy lifestyle Central Oregon gave me. Luckily for me, my lovely wife Emily was also hooked to Oregon, and in 2011 we quit our jobs back in Arizona and moved across the country to start our new lives in Central Oregon.

With everything coming full circle as of 2021, I was hired to handle all the sponsorships for the Deschutes County Fair and Expo, which happened to be the BMX expo that brought me to Central Oregon for the first time many years before.

After moving to Central Oregon, I found myself working as the Redmond, Oregon Chamber of Commerce Marketing Director. In that position, I learned how to sell ads and fully lay out magazines, which has only helped in my marketing and business-owning endeavors.

After the marketing position at the Chamber, I moved on to Wild Ride Brewing, where I grew both my graphic design, sales, and marketing skills. Although all of those skills are infinitely important when owning a marketing agency, the opportunity that I am most thankful for when it comes to Wild Ride Brewing is having the chance to build my first Wix website in 2014. 

After making my fair share of local connections in Central Oregon, I was hired as a website designer and social media specialist for Smart Shopper Magazine, where I learned from the best business sense mentor I could have asked for, the owner David Friedman.

During my time at Smart Shopper Magazine, I learned how to successfully manage social media pages, promote and grow businesses, and build websites. Putting all my knowledge to work, I successfully built 10 more websites, and this is quite possibly the job and person I owe my success to today. 

Ready to move on, I was able to take my (12 at the time) clients from Smart Shopper Magazine and build my full-service marketing agency in 2018. And so we have Mooney Marketing!

Fast forward 5 years, and today, I have over 250 clients nationwide, and I have worked with multimillion-dollar companies in the process.

Without 12-year-old me’s dream to take over as the BMXer Magazine editor, I would be nowhere close to the business owner and man I am today. From ABA BMX to the Redmond Chamber to Wild Ride Brewing to Smart Shopper Magazine, I am eternally grateful for every job and mentor that has helped me grow and develop my knowledge and skills over the years.

Mooney Marketing is proud to be marketing companies such as the Deschutes County Fair & Expo, Redmond Airport, Faith Hope & Charity Vineyards, Reinhardt Homes, Wild Ride Brewing, WELBuilt Homes, Steens Mountain Guest Ranch, Floral Trade Distributors, RPA, Redmond School District, San Diego BMX, Rooted Homes, Bend Factory Stores, Xcel Fitness Bend, and many more! 

Whether you are looking to get started in the business world or have years of experience, Mooney Marketing has got you covered. 12-year-old me would never believe the feats I have tackled; with my help, your younger self will be in awe of your success too!

Photos and Videos
Our Team of Photographers and Videographers.

At Mooney Marketing, we work with some of the best photographers and videographers in the industry, ready to take on your next project. With years of experience in the field, our team is dedicated to delivering exceptional results that exceed your expectations. Whether you’re looking for a corporate video or stunning photos for your big day, our team has you covered. Meet our experts Tim Park and Jeff Chorney, who are always ready to capture your vision and bring it to life.


Timothy Park



We have been working with Timothy Park since 2014. We have worked with him on many products such as magazine covers, business photography, product shots, and more! Timothy Park Photography is one of the best in Central Oregon and we highly recommend him for your professional Website photos! Give him a call or shoot him an email for your next photography project.

Jeff Chorney Video Production Mooney Marketing

Jeff Chorney

Video Production


We teamed up with Jeff in 2021 to help us shoot some photos and videos for Mooney Marketing as well as a few clients. Jeff is an amazing videographer and has stepped up our website clients with product visuals. If you are in need of video production or business videos, we highly recommend giving Jeff a call. 

Our Network of Experts

At Mooney Marketing, we have assembled a team of experts who are passionate about the work that they do. Madison Thomas is our talented copywriter and blog post writer who knows how to write high-quality, engaging content that will help you reach your target audience. Jeffrey Magner is our SEO specialist, who will help you optimize your website so that it ranks higher in search engines like Google. And last, but certainly not least, is Bonnie Joyce, our Wix Canadian partner, who is dedicated to helping you to build a stunning website that will attract and convert customers.


Madison Thomas

Freelance Copywriter

We teamed up with Madison in 2023 to help us with our blog posts on SEO and website design as well as some copywriting for our entire website. Madison is currently in college working on her associate degree in Denver, Colorado and has top-notch experience in copywriting for many companies nationwide. Looking for more content for your website, shoot Madison an email. 


Bonnie Joyce

Canada Wix Website Design

We teamed up with Bonnie Joyce from Canada. She is your Canadian Wix Expert Legend. As a web designer, she is a Wix Partner (Legend Status) and has been designing on the platform for over eight years; developing hundreds of websites for businesses in every industry. Her well-rounded experience in digital marketing, copywriting and SEO (search engine optimization) marries beautifully with my training in UX design and brand photography, allowing me to create stunning websites that capture the essence of my client's brands.


Jeffrey Magner

Local SEO Strategist

We teamed up with Jeffrey in 2018 for help with SEO on our own website. He alone has boosted our website to the moon with organic Google searches in our local area. His work has helped us grow drastically. You are probably on this website right now because of the SEO Jeffrey has implemented into this website. If you are looking for more SEO, team up with Jeffrey at Bighorn Local SEO and hold on to your seat!

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