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Redmond and Bend, Oregon

We build business websites of all sizes exclusively on Wix. We are your Wix Legend Partners! 

Your website is you, it's your business and it's the face of your business. It needs to catch people's attention and give people a quick sense of what services or products you're offering. Also, your website design needs to be visually appealing and feel fresh, with details on business, your story, your contact information, services, staff, and much more. Keeping your website up to date can be a lot of work when you don't understand how to use your website platform. We have many clients come to us with sites built on WordPress or Squarespace who struggle to even change a phone number on their website. We don't only build you a mobile friendly beautiful website, we manage it for you too. We make all the updates and add the SEO needed for your website to rank well on Google. 

A website that runs smoothly is critical for business success, as prolonged downtime can harm your site's search performance and make it hard for your customers to complete purchases. With enterprise-grade security and 99.99% uptime,  you can rest easy knowing that Wix sites stay up when others go down. 

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A full website rebuild means we will completely redesign your website, with a new design, layout, updated content, new photos, add some video effects and more! And of course, make it mobile-friendly!

With Wix, everything we need to grow and scale your business is built-in. This means we’re ready to take your business wherever it needs to go next—whether that’s selling online, taking bookings, building a community through blogging, or hosting events.


We like to keep you on brand. So we will incorporate your logo, color scheme, photos, fonts, icons, and storytelling to give your website a full makeover on Wix. Wix's high-level design capabilities allow our team to create anything you can imagine, using visually pleasing elements that are engaging to visitors.


Ready to get started? 


Mooney Marketing is amazing to work with - from all aspects of our Wix Website Design to graphic design to tech knowledge. We highly recommend having Mooney Marketing be your Wix Website builder.

Lauren Hinton | Dunlap Fine Homes | Redmond, Oregon

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Does your website needs a new look or want it to be mobile-friendly? A new design, some fresh content, and a new layout can help bring your business back to life. Whether you're looking for a few changes or a full rebrand and rebuild, our web builders have you covered.


Your website needs to be updated regularly, and elements like SEO, (search engine optimization) need to be considered to ensure it is being found online and serving your business the way it should. If your website is starting to look out of date or the information on it needs updating, we can help. Our Wix website team will redesign your website and give it the new look you have been waiting for, or update your existing site with new content that will attract new website visitors. 

"Mooney Marketing is a wonderful company to have build your website. They listen to what you want and design it to match your brand. The yearly maintenance fee is very low and affordable and Dan checks in throughout the year to see if we need updates to our website. We highly recommend Mooney Marketing!"

Kevin | Pole Building Supply | Redmond, Oregon

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