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This page is for current Mooney Marketing Website Design Clients only.  

We have changed the way updates are made. Please fill out our new Google Form here, for all website changes so we can get them updated fast and efficiently. Note that website changes can take up to 4 business days to complete, so please plan accordingly. 

Website Update additional Information and Pricing for add-ons. 

Per our Website Update Guideline Contract, updates are done within 5 business days of receiving the email. We don’t make any website updates on observed holidays or weekends.


Please no Text in Photos. All text should be typed out on the Google Form only. Please do not email Google Docs, Word Docs or any other text docs. Please only send text through the Google Form Link above.


Please make sure any photos you would like uploaded to your website are properly labeled so they are easy to find. Photos can be sent through email, Google Drive, and Dropbox Links.  Be sure to have access granted so we can open the files easily. Photos can also be texted to 541-280-7412 if they are on your phone. Photos must be in JPEG or PNG format.


Please make sure any files you would like uploaded to your website are properly labeled so they are easy to find. Files must be in PDF format.

New Pages

***Adding New pages/tabs to your menu is an additional $200. If you need to add a new page to your website, please contact us directly via email so we can make sure the new page gets added correctly. 

WIX Premium Accounts

Mooney Marketing owns all WIX Premium Accounts. If a website needs to be transferred to a new owner/client, the website is transferred only. All WIX premium accounts stay with Mooney Marketing.

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