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Five Steps to Accelerate Your Brand in Quarantine Times

Updated: Apr 1, 2022

As a business owner, you’re probably trying to do all you can to retain some sense of normalcy in our current “pandemic” state. One way to capitalize on quarantine time is by making improvements to your marketing and branding. Here are some tips:

  1. Conduct a marketing assessment. What’s working, what’s not? Make a list of all your marketing collateral and see what’s no longer relevant, missing, needing updates, or is begging for a total redo. Then, prioritize those items on the list, determining what you can do with your current resources (time, cashflow, skills, etc.)

  2. Write out a plan. What’s your vision of your business as our world stabilizes and beings to recover from the COVID-19 crisis? Don’t worry about the when you create this vision. Just focus on what you really want it to be, including how it will be better, stronger, more innovative, more secure, and more focused. Now, pick three goals to support that vision, developing marketing strategies with sub-activities tied to each to support it. Make sure you’ve got this on a living document where you can access it easily…and, remember, what gets written, gets done!

  3. Set deadlines, establish roles. Assign dates to your activities, assign roles, and determine where you need to hire or get help. For example, you could assign a remote staff worker to research advertising costs while you work with us to design your ad, write copy, coordinate photography and more.

  4. Create daily to-dos. Everyone is super distracted right now, so it’s helpful to put structure into our days with another list: to-dos. Just pick three marketing tasks a day to focus on and put those in writing the evening before so it’s clear what you’re going to tackle. The tasks may be big or they may be small. The key to success is making sure they are doable and not beating yourself up if you fall short. If a task is taking longer, just bump it to the next day. Celebrate the fact that you’ve got momentum and are making progress!

  5. Ask for a free consult. If you’re wanting help with updating your website, logo, content and more, Mooney Marketing is part of Small Business Branding Agencies that can help, including our newest addition, Katie Roberts, a Redmond-based freelance writer. We are happy to spend time chatting via phone, Zoom or email, giving you some ideas of how you can sharpen your marketing advantage. At Mooney Marketing, we’re seeing many small businesses are ramping up marketing efforts, trying to figure out how to do things smarter and differently. We’d love to be part of your ongoing success, too!

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