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What Does Color Have To Do With Branding?

A color is a color; a brand is a brand… what do they have to do with each other?

If you have a business or are thinking of starting a business and you haven’t given your brand colors the time of day, you may just be doomed!

Eye-catching and enticing colors can be the aspect of your brand identity that draws consumers in and ultimately leads to more conversions.

That being said, if you don’t like converting customers and you don’t want to make sales… keep scrolling.

But if you want to improve your conversion rate, boost organic traffic, and foster more success, check out some of the reasons color is a crucial aspect of branding!

3 Reasons Color Has Everything To Do With Branding

  1. Colors evoke emotion

Emotions are powerful, and luckily for business owners, consumers make decisions and purchases often based on emotion. Colors choices in your brand identity and logo design can be the difference between a consumer working with you or a competitor.

Forming relationships with clients can be done by creating a strong emotional connection between your brand and a client, hence the power of colors to evoke emotions. Next time you’re in the branding market, think about what colors make up your brand and what emotions they present.

  1. Colors are eye-catching

Colorful things stand out. Regardless of your neutral preference, colors are what draw consumers' attention. Before anyone knows your story or your great low, low prices, they need a first impression. Colors are a way of drawing consumers in to then let your business speak for itself.

  1. Colors create a brand identity

When you think of Target, what color do you think of? Red.

What about Walmart? I’m gonna guess you think of blue.

That is because those brands have strong identities with the colors in their logo design and their brand colors. Many people create associations based on color, and the idea behind choosing the right colors for branding is just that. When consumers see your color combination, you want them to think of your brand.

How To Implement Colors Into Your Branding

So choosing the right colors for your branding is important, but how do you do that?

There is no cut-and-dry color-choosing method; however, there are a few helpful tips to keep in mind when thinking of colors.

  • Keep in mind the color of the year

Every year, a new color comes out as the most popular color projected for the upcoming year. In 2023 the color of the year is viva magenta due to its joyous and dominant nature. If you are unsure where to start, check out your color of the year for some inspiration.

  • Chose 3 colors rather than 1

Having multiple colors form your brand identity can allow for color combinations and pairings to speak to consumers more so than one color can do alone. Being sure of your color identity when it comes to branding can come a long way.

  • Remember, color evokes emotions

As we talked about before, emotions are powerful. Colors evoke emotions; thus, colors are powerful. Letting your color choices fall by the wayside can set up your brand for failure down the road. When choosing your brand's colors, keep in mind the emotions that are connected to most colors.

With years of experience, the Mooney Marketing team has expertise in creating successful brand identities based on color choices. If you are struggling to figure out what color suits your brand best, leave it to the professionals. We promise you brand colors will do more than leave everyone bored and uninterested!

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