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Out With The Old, In With The Google

Updated: Mar 13, 2023

Bing, Firefox, Yahoo, there's definitely more than one choice when it comes to choosing a search engine.

But Google… Google is the only right choice!

Google is the most effective search engine out there. It is time to ditch the old engines and join the Google side of the world.

How Did Google Come About?

So where did Google all begin?

Google didn't actually begin as Google at all. When first founded, Google was known as “the odd-named search engine” BackRub.

The search engine began as a thesis project at Stanford University and was founded by Larry Page and Sergey Brin. The pair created Google to differ from other search engines in the fact that the engine focused on the relationships between links and websites. Google ranked websites based on the search relevancy of the internal links, which revolutionized website searches as we knew them.

Google was originally launched in the mid-1990s, and after gaining investment from large names such as Amazon, the engine was officially produced to the public in 2004.

10 Reasons Google Is The Superior Search Engine

So the idea that Google didn’t start as Google may have got you thinking, but if you’re not fully convinced, here are 10 major reasons why google is the superior search engine.

  1. Speed

Google is fast. So fast that millions of searches are able to be provided to consumers in under .25 seconds. Google's ability to generate results at light speed allows its face-paced results to beat out the timing of any other search engine.

  1. Simplistic

Google is simplistic. The search engine is very straightforward to use, and with one search, millions of results can be found.

  1. Options

Google has a vast amount of options. Compared to other search engines, the amount of websites and data stored in Google’s index is far greater than its competitors. Google's database stays up to date with trends, news, and current events almost instantaneously.

  1. Branding

Just look around… Google is everywhere! From devices and technology to Google-based services such as Youtube, the company alone has put taken the world by storm.

  1. Tools

Google offers many tools and help services. Focused programs to do advertising or analytics make almost any online task 10x easier. Google even recommends similar searches to consumers to make the research part of life that much easier.

  1. User Friendly

Google is user-friendly. The platform is easy to use and makes any research a breeze. Google offers all types of services aside from just being a search engine that virtually gives consumers any media content they may be looking for.

  1. SEO Machine

Google is an SEO pro. Instead of pushing the newest or most recently made site to consumers when a search is done, Google uses search engine optimization algorithms to produce content and answers that are the most useful and relevant.

  1. Well Trusted

Google is well-trusted. Being the most well-known search engine out there definitely has its perks, but the trust that comes with it is unmatched. Google has been producing relevant and correct content efficiently for almost 20 years, and with that, it has gained the trust of many consumers, investors, and individuals around the world.

  1. Relevancy

Google produces content of the highest relevancy. Google's algorithms are always changing and evolving, and throughout that process, relevant answers and searches in the world are pushed to the top rather than being buried on the 10th page of answers.

  1. Popular

Google is popular. Google takes up over 80% of the search engine market, and with those stats, Google is certainly the most popular and preferred search engine out there.

Why Google?

Yeah, yeah Google is cool, but why should you use Google over other search engines?

Why Not? That is a far better question.

Google beats out all other search engines in every category possible, from speed to simplicity to relevance to popularity. Google has it all!

Yahoo may forever hold a small piece of your heart, but Google, Google is where it's at!

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