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5 Ways To Keep Your Wix Website Design Trending In 2024 - Mooney Marketing

Wix Website Design Bend, Oregon Mooney Marketing

After a revolutionizing year for Wix Websites, 2023 is long gone. 

That means old trends need to stay in the past.

New Year, New Wix

New year, new you. 

Is that saying cliche… maybe, but when it comes to website trends, it rings true in every way, shape, and form.

In 2023, we focused on why all small businesses need a website, but in 2024, we are narrowing down. Going from getting a website to designing and building a website can be a big jump, so let us talk about the biggest tips for making your Wix Website trend in 2024!

5 Ways To Stay Trending In 2024

  1. Be Big And Bold

In many cases, appearing powerful is the key to standing out in 2024. Website 

Text is no different. 

Although small, passive typography can come off as welcoming and nurturing, the best way to stand out in 2024 is to use big and bold website text. Appearing authoritative, knowledgeable, and assertive can get you a long way when it comes to trending above other Wix Website users.

  1. Implement Zero Click Searches

Who doesn't love convenience? 

Zero click searches allow users to find an answer to a question without having to even click a link. 

How old is Wix? 17 Years.

Who was the 16th President? Abraham Lincoln.

What year was Apple founded? 1976.

All of those answers can be found without clicking a link when searching on Google. By implementing zero click searches users can find information about your website or business without finding themselves 10 links deep into information they could care less about. 

Make user's experience fast, easy, and convenient with zero click searches.

  1. Have Copy That Converts

After touching on the fact that everybody loves convenience, having copy that converts will help keep your Wix Website trending and relevant in 2024.

Users want information, and they want it fast. No fluff, no rabbit holes, no propaganda.

When in doubt, always remember KISS (Keep it simple, stupid)

  1. Keep It Light And Bright 

Bright colors tend to be associated with positivity, passion, and happiness. All attributes consumers want their business partners to maintain. 

Having bright colors in your Wix Websites may be a small detail, but it sure will make a big impact. Appearing friendly and positive can open the door for endless business endeavors, bringing in new users and consumers every day.

  1. Don’t Forget About Peach Fuzz

While we are on the topic of keeping it light and bright, try to throw some peach fuzz into the color scheme of your website.

When it comes to trending on Wix Websites, having the color of the year on display is a great start.

Representing kindness and connection, using the color peach fuzz is a perfect way to draw in users and further nurture consumers.

How Mooney Marketing Can Help

Whether you are new to Wix Websites, new to marketing, or new to business owning you are in the right spot. 

With a team of experts, Mooney Marketing is here to help you every step of the way when it comes to building the website of your dreams!

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