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Small Businesses Make a Big Impact with Website Design

Website Design Small Business Bend, Oregon Blog Post

Local businesses may be small, but the impact is the exact opposite!

Make 2024 your year for business!

After a promising 2023, small businesses are on an upward trend with no end in sight.

Last year, more small businesses were started than ever before, and 2024 is already on track to top that!

Whether you are a small business owner or you are looking into becoming a small business owner, understanding how these businesses run the world can be crucial.

Yes, I said it. Small businesses run the world!

Don't believe me? 

Stick around to find out why.

Grow Your Community and Your Business

Small businesses make up over 90% of all American businesses. (Yes, 90%. Crazy right?)

With that in mind, small business owners must be onto something.

With growing environmental awareness and common beliefs shifting, the ability to buy goods and services locally is becoming the new norm.

So why should you buy from small businesses rather than large chains?

Some reasons may include but are not limited to:

  • Reducing the carbon footprint

  • Reducing gas emissions

  • Creating new job opportunities

  • Nurturing customer service

  • Supporting your community

With more big-picture factors in mind as to why you should buy locally and support small businesses, such as the reasons listed above, the #1 reason you should support small businesses often gets swept under the rug.

The biggest reason everyone should support local small businesses is because it both gives back and builds your community. Not only does supporting small businesses help others locally, but when more profit is cycling through the community, your business will benefit exponentially.

If you are ready for your business to thrive more than ever, cut down on the large chain stores and businesses you shop with and head to your local farmers market or a small business in your area.

By creating more opportunities, cycling more money throughout your community, reducing the carbon footprint, and nurturing consumers, small businesses are the way to go!

Plus, who doesn't love locally grown food… that's a no-brainer!

All Small Business’s Need a Website

So, you’re taking a leap of faith and using the new year to start up your own small business. Whether your business idea and plan have been on the back burner for years or you’re just ready to become financially free, good on you!

What’s the opposite of “welcome to the dark side”? 

Well, whatever it is, that is what starting a small business feels like if you do it the correct way.

Wait… there's a wrong way to start a business?

Of course, there is. While every small business may look different, the common denominator when it comes to successful small businesses is having a website design for your business!

Social media marketing, tangible ads, and Google listings are great additions but never alternatives for a website. 

When it comes to social media marketing, your number of consumers will always be limited to the application's user count. On the flip side, having a website that can be found on Google means the potential for more consumers is undeniably higher. 

Don’t believe me? Let's look at the facts!

Instagram has upward of 500 million daily users.

Facebook has around 2 billion daily users.

While Google records a whopping 8.5 billion searches daily.

Now you know you need a website, and you know why… but you’re not sure where to start.

Look no further; I am about to break down expert website designers.

The Best Of The Best Website Experts

When looking for a website designer, you need someone who understands your vision and is an expert at building small business websites.

When it comes to your business, you will likely go with the best of the best website designers. Luckily for you, the #1 designer in the game will not break the bank but rather will build you an exceptional website and allow your business to grow!

That’s where Mooney Marketing comes in! 

Hi, I am Dan Mooney, and not only do I have expertise in building websites for small businesses, but I have found success in building my own business from the ground up into a reliable, widely trusted website design / marketing company.

When you're ready to grow your small business with a website, let Mooney Marketing do the heavy lifting for you!

What’s In Store For The Rest Of 2024

While 2023 was a massive year regarding the number of small businesses started, 2024 will be the building block of small businesses finding success and reaching more consumers.  

Get your year started off right with the expert website design of Mooney Marketing!

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