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Logo Design

Updated: Apr 1, 2022

When creating a logo, there is a lot that goes into it. Naming Agencies are key to help you build the right name and brand for your business. Name, color, font, graphics and so on. It's a lot easier to create a logo, if the client gives you as much info as possible. The Cascade Car Show Logo was easy for us, since we have an idea of what we wanted. Since it's called The Cascade Car Show, we know we needed some sort of mountains in the design. We wanted it to look vintage, and we wanted to use the background red for a shirt we are making. So once we had the 3 colors down, black, blue, cream and red, we were set to create. Adding the cars was the most difficult. We had someone who wanted their car on the design. But their car drawing didn't match the rest of the logo. So we had to find a similar car. The logo took a few weeks to create and at the end, we love it. If you need a logo created, Mooney Marketing has all the right tools to bring it to life.

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