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3 Reasons Video And Logo Animations Are A Must

Why do I need video and logo animations?

If you own/run a business, you are probably familiar with Youtube, Vimeo, TikTok, Instagram reels, Facebook Stories and other forms of videography.

If you spend your time on those apps solely browsing, you’re doing it ALL wrong!

Think about how many random videos you have watched in the last week… now imagine people all over are seeing your content and business just as much as you see others.

Gaining organic traffic has everything to do with content production, so why skip out on the visual aspect of that?

What is Video Content

Before you can understand why you n

eed video content, it might help to understand what video content is.

That’s the best part… video content is whatever you want it to be (as long as it’s in video form.)

From 10-second Instagram and Facebook

reels to 10-minute youtube videos. This content can be helpful, informative, suggestive, or just entertaining.

3 Reasons You Need Video Content

Understanding video content is pretty straightforward, but why do you need it?

  1. Videos draw in organic traffic

Words draw in organic traffic. Blogs draw in organic traffic. Newsletters draw in organic traffic… so do videos. Video content is basically a blog in a more modern fashion. Videos are quick and easy to watch and can be more enticing than reading. The more content you have, the more people will see your product or service; stop skipping out on videos.

  1. Visual Learners

Many individuals, especially in newer generations, are visual learners. Having video content can mean reaching and connecting with a whole new pond of potential clients. Visual content allows everyone to hear and understand your business; plus, who doesn't love a good video?

  1. Videos connect

Video content is fun and easy to both make and watch, but that is not all. Having video content allows consumers to get a better sense of your business, your mission, your credibility, and your goals. Allowing consumers to understand your company can help drive sales by nurturing a connection and relationship.

If you want to connect more with your consumers… give video content a try!

How Can Mooney Marketing Help?

So you want to start making video content, but how?

How can you make professional and enticing video content with little to no experience?

Mooney Marketing specializes in creating logo animations for videos to give them a productive and professional touch.

Having a skillfully made logo animation can take your video content from 12-year-old youtube channel, to successful business content creator in no time.

Want to learn more? Check out our logo video animation page and see how you can grow your business with video content!

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