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Why A Google Listing Is A Must

We have all seen or used other businesses' Google listings when searching for restaurants or shops, so why wouldn't you get one for your own business?

A Google listing is an easy way to promote and advertise your business to grow your organic traffic without paying a penny.

What Is A Google Listing

Before understanding how to set up your Google listing, it is first important to understand what a Google listing is.

A Google listing is a small snippet of information about your business that is ranked and promoted by Google. This brief can give consumers easily accessible information plus customer reviews all in one spot s they can make a choice to go with your business in the blink of an eye.

Google listings are almost fully customizable, with you choosing what information to share. However, for the best results and rankings, more information is better.

Some of the information Google listings allow you to publish are:

  • Address

  • Hours

  • Vacation time

  • Services

  • Photos

  • Customer reviews

  • Website links

  • Busy times

Setting Up A Google Listing: How To

So you are convinced you need a Google listing but have no clue where to start. Luckily our Google listing setup steps are foolproof.

  1. Get Verified

The first step to a successful Google listing is getting verified through Google via postcard. Getting verified via postcard is simple. All you do is make sure your address is correct, request a postcard, and then use the confirmation code to verify your address.

  1. Input Information

The second step to getting your Google listing up and running is inputting information for users to see. Some of the key components include adding a logo and cover photo as well as filling in your services and business information.

  1. Keep Your Listing Updated

After you become a Google listing pro and your listing it out to the public, be sure to keep your information updated, such as hours and contact information. Keeping your information updated can allow consumers to always know how to reach you.

  1. Get Reviews

One of the most important steps to having a Google listing is getting reviews. There is almost no point in a listing if people aren't going to see it.

Having reviews allows Google to rank your site, and once you have 10+ reviews, Google will begin to rank your site higher and higher. Remember, the more reviews, the better!

Through Google reviews, you can even get a customer review link. This link can be sent directly to customers after they use your product or service to encourage reviews and help you build your online Google presence.

What Next?

So now that you know what a Google listing is and how to set one up… what's next?

Get to building your Google listing! And if you need help, reach out to us and we can get you connected with a Google Listing Expert.

A Google listing can tenfold your business’s traffic and overall success, so what are you waiting for?

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