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Animation on a Website

Updated: Apr 28, 2020

Delightful or Distracting?

These days, animation features are popping up left and right. Text spinning out of control, birds flying by, and 3D spinning spacemen. But when is this animation too much for a website. Some sites we build have no animation while others have some. We feel animation helps keep the eyes on your screen and it helps you look at key words or phrases on a particular section of the site. We feel it's important to only use animation when necessary. Most service sites won't have animation on them. But other websites that are more fun and eye capturing can have a little more animation.

A new feature in Wix is the 3D animation. We love the idea, but there are not enough free examples given. We hope Wix will come out with more options to choose from. Like this Spaceman, it's great, looks cool, but when would we need to implement this into website? Not sure. That last thing we want to do while building a website is distract or confuse our users. We build websites to flow and direct users to pages that are most important on the website.

When parallax scrolling was the "new" thing in web design, it was also very innovating. I remember seeing my first parallax scrolling site, it was a brewery page and the beer flowed down the screen from a tap right into a glass. It was amazing! Now it's just the norm with most website design. 3D Animation will get there as well, it just takes time. We love the thought of it at Mooney Marketing, but need it to be tested more. What do you think of 3D animation?

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