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Is Wix Good For SEO?

So is Wix really the way to go for SEO?

Let’s talk about it!

According to website designers, Wix is the less optimal choice for SEO… But I am about to derail that stigma and show you why Wix websites are the best SEO option for you!

There is no secret that when Wix launched in 2006, it lacked many basic SEO functions; however, today, Wix has practically every on-page SEO function you can think of. Wix offers a number of different options for search engine optimization, and the possibilities are endless with Wix websites!


99% of the time, when Wix websites are search engine optimized, the fault lies within user error or ill website design.

SEO can be tricky, but with Wix, it is all made easy. Wix allows for fully customizable SEO design and identity to give users power over their SEO. Knowing what to look out for when implementing SEO onto your Wix websites is key.

Some of the SEO functions Wix includes are:

  • Product titles

  • Customizable descriptions

  • Mets tags

  • Schema

  • Google my business

  • Mobile-friendly websites

  • Alt text

  • Backlinks

Wix search engine optimization is at the edge of your fingertips… so what are you waiting for? By adding in small SEO details (like the ones listed above), your Wix website can go from the bottom of Googles 12th search page to the top of the first!

3 Wix Tips For Implementing SEO

So how do you integrate SEO into your Wix website?

Here are 3 foolproof tips for optimizing your Wix website.

  1. Complete the Wix SEO checklist. (We do this step for you when we build your Wix website)

The first step to optimizing any Wix website is completing the SEO checklist. Wix uses the SEO checklist to determine your business's identity and services in order to better rank your site. The SEO checklist will ask you to provide keywords for your business and will walk you through the process of optimizing your Wix websites for search engines such as Google.

  1. Add internal links.

Internal links are links that can be placed on your website to take users from one page of your site directly to another page. Having multiple internal links directing users to one page is a surefire way of gaining more traffic for that website page.

  1. Create SEO content.

One of the most overlooked ways to rank higher and gain organic traffic is

creating search engine optimized content. If users aren't searching for the services your website entails, the chances of your site being found are slim. When creating content for your website, be sure that it is engaging, informative, and brief. Nobody wants to read 1,000 words to find out what your business/ website offers. The best way to create SEO content is to find out what users want and use that as a starting place for your content.

Prove It!

Have you ever heard the phrase “The proof is in the pudding”... well, you’re about to hear it again.

Mooney Marketing has created over 140 high-ranking SEO websites.

Don’t believe me? Check us out!

From fully customizable designs, endless SEO functions and a user-friendly platform, Wix is the way to go for all your website needs!

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