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RootedHomes - Mooney Marketing Client

RootedHomes in Bend Oregon approached Mooney Marketing for a complete rebrand identity with logo design, brand naming, tagline, and brand strategy. We took this sustainable and affordable home company to the next level with its new brand identity. 

Rooted Homes Intro Photo.jpg
Screenshot 2023-11-15 at 1.42.56 PM.png

We had many brainstorming sessions with RootedHomes (KOR) to pick the new brand name, tagline, logo, colors and design. We went with a clean, sustainable logo with a home feel to it. Soft green colors mixed with bold green to highlight what they do in the logo alone. 

RootedHomes Branding Bend, Oregon.png

Our logo animators are skilled in creating dynamic animated designs that will give your brand that wow factor. 

RootedHomes Branding Bend, Oregon.jpg

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