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"To wrap your car, or to not wrap your car, that is the question."

Someone recently asked if I was going to put Mooney Marketing Stickers on my Subaru Outback. I said, "yeah, maybe a small one on the back window." I have never been one to put stickers on my car. I don't like clutter on my rides. When I use to own a T-shirt company back in the late 90's, I would put those stickers all over my cars. I even once put a huge sticker I designed on the hood of my bright yellow jeep. But now that I am almost 40 (yikes), stickers on my car are just not my thing. Wrapping a car is another story. Not sure If I am ready for a full wrap either.

Redmond Athletic Club Wrapped Vehicle

Magnets On Your Car

The same person that asked me about the stickers, said another option would be to put your logo on magnets and stick them on your doors when you are out seeing a client. What do you think of that? Do you really think that would help bring business to you? Because that is the ultimate goal, for a business to see your magnet and say, "oh yeah, I do need some marketing help, maybe I will call Mooney Marketing." But, if the magnets look like crap, or they are sideways, or I don't know just don't look custom, what will that same business say, "

wow they can't even market their own car right, why do I want them to market for me?" I feel like the magnets on the car idea are only good for some services. They could help many businesses, but I don't feel that it would really benefit mine.

Some businesses would benefit highly having logo magnets on their car doors. I feel like service businesses like plumbers, security offices, electricians, Cable companies etc.

Full Wraps

Fully wrapped cars and trucks can look amazing! There is definitely an investment when you decide to wrap your car with your business. First, it needs to look rad. And by rad, I mean bright graphics, matching colors and high-res imagery. It needs to be worth it. I feel like extreme sports should all have vehicle wraps. Motocross, BMX, MTB, Skate, Snowboard companies are prime examples of vehicle wraps. The beer scene is huge right now in Oregon and seeing brew wraps on cars are a dime a dozen. Most of them are actually the distributors of the breweries but sometimes you see an actual brewery car driving around (River Bend).

I think I will stick to my first idea, a small sticker on my back window. I don't really need a full wrap and not really into the magnets on the doors, just not my style. I am kinda a all or nothing kinda guy. If I did wrap my vehicle, it would have to be something sweet, with photos and graphics. Something that really catches your eye. because in the end, I would want my marketing style to stand out. We'll see...

USA BMX (ABA) Wrapped Semi Truck

What do you think of full vehicle wraps?

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