The Oregon Garage is the newest classic car and truck TV Show. The show is based on Building Cars & Life Lessons. Just 4 Guys and 1 Girl working in normal garages building custom cars. Filming started in 2020, but since COVID-19 hit, filming is at a standstill.  You guessed it, the website and custom logo were designed by Mooney Marketing. 

A group of passionate gearheads' love for cars pushing the envelope on hopes to one day open a community garage.  But first Dan Mooney and the crew have to build cars in their normal garages and tap into some local professionals to help him and finish these projects. 

Mooney and crew learn a lot along the way and build up their passion and their already sharp skills. Showing everybody that passion translates to knowledge. 
The crew needs to find and restore a vehicle before the big show. And they have the first one, a 1968 Chrysler 300, picked up for $1000 bucks.

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