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Dan Mooney, Founder/Owner, Mooney Marketing 


When choosing a marketing and brand expert, you want someone who doesn’t just have a vision but the right vision. Redmond, Oregon based marketing specialist Dan Mooney knows about vision—he gets how an on-target brand authentically communicates your values and your best self. And he believes that hitting that mark shouldn’t cost businesses and arm and a leg.

At age 12, Dan dreamed of someday becoming the managing editor of a young, growing publication: BMXer. Fast-forward six years, he landed an entry-level position as darkroom/assistant photographer at that very publication, renamed BMXer Magazine (now Pull Magazine). He devoted himself to the publication’s success and advanced into other roles, including, head photographer and managing editor—the dream achieved, the vision complete. In this position, he traveled the United States, producing the BMXer Magazine on the road and at its ABA BMX (USA BMX) headquarters in Arizona. He also freelanced photographed for BMX PLUS, FAT BMX, BMX WORLD, ESPN Kids, BMX NEWSX-Games Online, and more. 

The magazine work brought Dan annually to the Deschutes County Fair & Expo Center in Redmond, Oregon, where he covered BMX races and spent his precious free time exploring Central Oregon’s great outdoors (mostly snowboarding). He fell in love with Redmond and it's surrounding area, but it wasn’t until he met his future wife, Emily, back in Arizona that his new dream of moving to Oregon became a reality. She loved Oregon, too. So, in 2011, they quit their jobs and relocated to Bend and then eventually moved to Redmond.

Once settled, Dan dove into fresh, creative pursuits, working as the Redmond Chamber of Commerce’s marketing director and, later, in the same role for Wild Ride Brewing. There, he developed and built out the brewery’s emerging brand, everything from its business and beer logos to its tap handles, t-shirts, website and more.

Dan soon made many local connections, a big plus when he accepted an offer to work as the social media specialist and logo designer for Smart Shopper Magazine in Bend. Here, Dan learned the ins-and-outs of social media marketing, helped manage clients and designed many logos for Central Oregon organizations. All the experience just made Dan more sharp, efficient and understanding about the marketing needs of clients, particularly small businesses in the Bend, Redmond, and Prineville area. As a listener and an artist capable of translating others’ visions and goals into the design, Dan gained solid professional credibility.

However, drawn to the call of entrepreneurialism, Dan launched on yet another new vision in 2018: his own Redmond-based marketing firm, offering logo, ad and website design, branding, photography, storytelling, and social media marketing services. With a mission to help local businesses of all sizes thrive and keep marketing costs affordable, Dan opened up Mooney Marketing, his own name backing the brand so to communicate personal accountability and integrity. Clients connected with Dan and his mission. Blessed with a strong, diverse portfolio and now nearly 20 years of marketing experience, he signed clients right from the start.

Today, Mooney Marketing is more than just a one-stop-shop for quick-turnaround marketing services. It’s now a full-fledged “UX agency” evolving clients’ brands into meaningful audience experiences, still at reasonable fees. Consequently, clients can relax—or focus on their vital work—knowing they’re partnering with a team of talent that empowers them to thrive.

Mooney Marketing is proud to be a small business that gives back to the community in innovative, impactful ways. The founder, director, and marketing creative behind Redmond Car Shows, Mooney Marketing brings vintage car shows to Central Oregon. He also started a Redmond based T-shirt company RDM ORE. During the COVID-19 pandemic, he helped local businesses by giving $10 from each shirt sold during that time to a Redmond, Oregon business. In addition, Dan serves on the Redmond Committee for Public Art, volunteers for the Redmond Police Department and acts as a board member for the Redmond Chamber of Commerce and Rimrock Trails Treatment Services.


Ready to bring forth and brand the best vision of your business? Let’s talk. Contact Mooney Marketing today! 


At Mooney Marketing in Redmond, Oregon, we’re website designers creating beautiful Wix websites for Central Oregon businesses in Redmond, Bend, Sisters, Prineville and beyond. We also lift your Bend, Oregon business to the next level through, services including branding, social media marketing, graphic design, logos, and professional business photography, video production, web design and SEO.

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